When it comes to washing your microfiber cloths, treating them like ordinary fabric is a surefire way to diminish their effectiveness. Don't fret though, because skilled and efficient home cleaners are here to guide you on the proper way to wash these remarkable cleaning tools. Whether your microfiber cloths are heavily soiled or just need a refresh, we've got you covered.

In this guide, you'll uncover the secrets to washing your microfiber cloths in a way that preserves their quality and extends their lifespan. So, let's dive in and discover how to make your microfiber cloths last longer and keep them performing at their best!

How to wash microfiber cloths by hand

Although it can be time-consuming, washing your rags by hand is the more thorough way to clean them and remove stains. This method is not complex, but you should take some considerations to keep your cloths in good condition.

Step #1. Separate microfiber cloths

As the fibers in a microfiber cloth are like hooks that catch and trap particles, you need to wash them apart from other rags. Otherwise, your microfiber cloths could end up covered in lint.

Step #2. Hand wash your cloths

Get a container big enough to hold your microfiber cloths and fill it with clean cold water. Don't use hot water, as it could damage the microfibers, rendering your cloths useless.

Next, submerge the cloths in the water, agitate them for a few minutes and let them soak for 15 to 20 more. If you notice a stain that doesn't come off, remove the cloth from the water and scrub the tough spot by hand. Then return it to the water and agitate for a few more minutes.

Step #3. Rinse and wring

After time's up, take out the microfiber cloths and rinse them under running water. The force of the water from the faucet will remove lingering dirt on the cloths' surface. Finally, gently wring the excess water from your microfiber cloths.

How to wash your microfiber cloths in the washing machine

Machine-washing your cloths will free you a lot of time—especially if you have several dirty rags. The only drawback is that washing your cloths in a machine is not as detailed as doing it by hand. However, you can follow these steps and still get amazing results!

Step #1. Set apart microfiber cloths

Although washing machines can hold a large load, microfiber cloths must be washed apart from other fabrics to avoid collecting lint—which hinders their cleaning capabilities. So, be sure only to include other lint-free rags in the load.

Step #2. Place your cloths in the washing machine

Before continuing, shake the cloths to eliminate loose dirt. Once done, place them in the machine and choose a cold or warm water setting depending on how dirty your microfiber cloths are (don't go beyond warm, or the fabric could get damaged).

Add two spoons of an additive and scent-free detergent if you need more cleaning power—fabric softeners and regular detergents clog the microfiber, which decreases their cleaning potential.

Step #3. Get rid of stubborn stains

Usually, a gentle or delicate cycle is everything you need to clean your cloths. However, you can even stop the agitation cycle halfway through and inspect the fabrics. If you spot heavy stains, pour detergent on them and hand-scrub a little before returning the cloth to the water.

To finish, just let the washing process continue as normal.

How to dry your microfiber cloths

Line drying is the best way to dry your microfiber cloths as it reduces the risk of damage and catching lint. If you let your cloths in the sun, they'll take 10 to 15 minutes to dry. This time can go up to an hour in a shady environment.

If your only option is to use a dryer machine, clean the lint trap thoroughly and set the dryer at the lowest setting possible. Microfiber cloths dry quicker than most fabrics, so keep an eye on them to take them out as soon as they dry.

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