There's no doubt that dust is one of the homeowners' worst enemies. You encounter it in every space inside your house, and even if you do a deep clean, dust finds a way to come back. It looks that no matter what you do, you'll always lose.

While it's true that dust in your house is inevitable, you can implement a few strategies to keep it away for longer. Scroll down to learn about them!

What's the deal with dust?

Some people have grown up thinking that dust mainly consists of dead skin that our bodies shed. In reality, dead skin cells are just a fraction of it. Tiny dead bug bits, soil, dust mites, linen, pollen, and hairs contribute significantly to dust too.

All that cluster comprising dust is perfect for germs and bacteria to travel through the air. So, a dusty environment can pose a risk to your household health.

How to keep your house dust-free for longer

Knowing where dust comes from is half of the work. Now, you need to enforce some tactics (organizing and cleaning-wise) to keep the dust at bay!

Do not let the dust enter your home

As most of the dust comes from outside, it's only clever to tackle this area before any other. Here are the best recommendations for doing it:

  • Invest in doormats. Shoes bring a lot of dust inside. A good coarse fiber doormat at your entrance will trap the dirt in your soles, saving you time and hassle.
  • Implement a no-shoes rule. Although doormats trap most of the dust before entering your home, there's still dirt in your shoes. Assign a pair for indoors only, and you'll get accustomed in no time.
  • Keep plants in your windows. Plants make for an effective natural barrier against dust. If the design of your windows doesn't have room to place anything, get an ivy or a monkey plant.
  • Keep doors and windows shut. Closing windows and doors from time to time will save you a lot of vacuuming hours.

Keep the dust away from your house

Even if dust is already inside your home, you can make a couple of changes to reduce and avoid it in the future. Check them out:

  • Declutter. Clutter creates many nooks and crannies that contribute to dust accumulation. Once you declutter, you'll notice the difference right away!
  • Store fabrics and paper-based items. Scattered clothes, books, and magazines are sources of lint and paper particles. Return them to their original place as soon as you can.
  • Forgo carpeting. Carpets trap unbelievable quantities of dust. It may not be a cheap decision, but removing them from your house is definitely worth it.
  • Change sheets often. Besides releasing lint, sheets gather a lot of dead skin cells. Keep dust mites away from you by washing and changing sheets weekly.

The best way to deal with dust!

If you clean your house frequently, dust won't have time to settle and accumulate. No time? Then let Shine Bright Cleaning Services help you! Pick any of our packages, and our professionally-trained cleaners will go above and beyond to leave your house spotless.  Request a quote here!