How to clean a new house

Moving into a new house is like a new start, so, understandably, you want your new place as clean as possible. Yet, amid all the hustle, dealing with the cleanup can seriously spike stress levels.

To ease your burden and make the cleaning spree less overwhelming, check out these five handy tips to ease up your cleaning quest!

Tip #1. Create a checklist according to your needs

Before diving headfirst into your cleaning mission, be sure to have a plan. That way, you'll save heaps of time and ensure you're prepared for anything that comes your way.

Take a quick stroll around your new place and jot down the areas that need a scrub. Highlight those grimy nooks, dusty patches, and pesky stains. Once you've got a list, sort out what needs urgent attention.

Take this chance to consider what cleaning gear you'll need—think detergents, brushes, mops, and rags. It'll save you from sudden store runs.

Tip #2. Let the air flow freely

After being closed for some time, your new place might have caught some musty odors. The trick here is to let the air circulate to swap out the stale air for some outdoor freshness. Crack open those windows and doors, welcoming in the breeze and kicking out any lingering smells.

Plus, with all those cleaning agents in action—releasing dangerous fumes—decent ventilation becomes a necessity. If possible, give those air vents and filters a quick once-over for optimal airflow.

Tip #3. Clean before the furniture moves in

Cleaning your new pad is a thousand times easier when you've got the place to yourself before the furniture arrives. Doing it this way gives you more space to maneuver, ensuring no hidden corner goes untouched.

Getting the cleaning done before each room gets furnished guarantees a thorough job, sparing you from unnecessary extra work down the road.

Tip #4. Tackle the tricky spots first

When settling into your new spot, a smart move is to tackle the more time-consuming areas early before you start feeling drained. If your place is pre-owned, spots like kitchens and bathrooms often need more attention, making them perfect candidates for your cleaning kickoff.

Pro-tip: If you've prepared a cleaning checklist, use it to navigate through the process.

Tip #5. Sanitize high-touch zones

Wiping down light switches, doorknobs, and handles on a new house could seem a bit unnecessary. But think about it; previous occupants, real estate agents, and many others might've had their hands all over these seemingly innocuous spots.

All those fugacious hands-on interactions can turn those areas into a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Take a moment to give them a quick swipe with some disinfectant—alcohol or disinfectant wipes will do the trick.

Learn more cleaning tips to keep your new home shining!

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