Nobody enjoys the sight of a dingy mirror, so glass cleaners like Windex are probably the go-to option. However, you can have the same results using a natural alternative.

Do you want to give your cleaning an eco-friendly spin, or do you want to save a few bucks and a trip to the store? Whatever the case, here's a practical way to leave your mirrors spotless without store-bought cleaners!

Step #1. Dust the mirror's surface

You may be tempted to jump right to wet wiping your mirror, but dust (even the finer type) can create smudges or scratches if not removed. So grab a microfiber cloth or your trusty duster and dust your mirror from top to bottom before continuing.

Note: If you have a framed mirror, you may find dirt stuck in the slits between the frame and the glass. Use a toothpick or a metal clip to take out the debris.

Step #2. Make a cleaning solution with alcohol and vinegar

These two agents may seem weird together, but this combo is highly effective in cleaning your mirrors! Thanks to the properties of alcohol and vinegar, it can easily remove oily stains, fingerprints, sticky spots, and pesky white spots (AKA hard water stains).

It's super easy to make: just mix equal parts of warm water, alcohol (we recommend isopropyl for sticky spots), and white vinegar into a spray bottle, and it'll be good to go.

Can you clean your mirror without vinegar?

The vinegar in the mixture makes it easier to deal with hard water stains on your mirrors (usually present in bathrooms). Then, unless your mirror is free of chalky white stains, you'll need to use vinegar to achieve the best results.

Step #3. Remove difficult spots first

Similarly to the first step, removing these stains will save you from unnecessary extra work due to smudges and streaks.

Dampen a microfiber cloth with the vinegar-alcohol solution and rub any tough spot you notice until it disappears. There's not much else to this step, so take your time to clean every spot!

Note: Adhesive remains from stickers or hairspray are harder to tackle, so don't be afraid to use a little more elbow grease on them.

Step #4. Wipe your mirror

Most people spray whatever cleaning solution they choose directly onto their mirror's surface. However, that could cause the liquid to seep between the glass and the silver backing (or frame, if present), damaging your mirror beyond repair.

Instead, spray a microfiber cloth with your homemade solution and work through the mirror in quick z-shaped motions. Besides preventing damage, you'll have a better track of which areas you've already cleaned and which ones are left.

Step #5. Dry and buff the glass surface

Immediately after wiping, grab another clean microfiber cloth and dry your mirror—again, use fast zig-zag motions! After finishing, look carefully for any marks and buff them away using the same microfiber cloth.

Can you use a newspaper to dry the mirror?

Many people always use newspaper for drying-related tasks because it just works. However, some newspapers have a type of ink that creates smears when wet. So, if you want to use this material to dry your mirrors, ensure it won't ruin all your work!

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