Crafting a solid cleaning routine for your living space involves putting vacuuming front and center. Yet, there's no universal schedule that fits every homeowner or house, as various factors play into shaping your vacuuming plan.

The cool part is you don't need to stress yourself about when and where to run your vacuum. Here, we share easy-to-follow points on how frequently you should vac away the dust to keep your place looking clean!

How often should you run the vacuum over your floors?

Different floor types demand different levels of vacuuming care, depending on how much dust they collect or bustling foot traffic. Check this out and stick to the script:

  • Hard flooring. Due to their sleek surface, these floors don't hoard much dust. Hit them up once a week, using a strong-suction setting for optimal results. Grout can make it a little trickier, so express sweep before vacuuming to loose dirt.
  • Hardwood. Smooth, finished floors don't let dust get into crevices, so a weekly vacuuming session is a sweet spot. Got unfinished wood? Double down and vacuum at least twice weekly, going with the grain to get all the dust.
  • Carpeted. Carpets are dust magnets, demanding a vacuum rendezvous thrice a week—high-pile ones might need an extra session. In low-traffic foot zones (or for low-pile carpets), twice a week will keep things in check.

What about mattresses and upholstery?

Yes, mattresses and upholstery need some vacuuming every so often, even if they have covers.

For example, mattresses could be harboring a dust haven made up of dead skin, attracting nasty dust mites. Show your mattress some love with a biannual vacuum date—spring cleaning and the end of dust mite season in October are the best times to do it!

Upholstered furniture has its dust-catching moments, too. Less-used pieces like headboards will only need a monthly vacuum hug, while your everyday couch and its cushions crave a weekly dust-off.

What if you have pets?

Pets add a twist to your vacuuming plans, as their hair tends to wind up in the oddest nooks. For the gold standard, a daily quick vacuuming spree is your ticket to keeping your home as fur-free as possible.

If time is tight, a thorough vacuuming mission twice or thrice a week will suffice, depending on how much hair your pet sheds.

Don't ignore the ceilings and walls!

Ceilings and walls might not even figure in your vacuuming list, but a bit of attention is due every now and then.

Forget about vacuuming them stem to stern like your floors. Instead, target those dusty corners, lurking cobwebs, and the space behind frames and wall decor. Give them the vacuum treatment monthly or quarterly, depending on your home's dust intake.

Shine Bright Cleaning Services helps you keep the dust at bay!

If you can't figure out the best vacuuming schedule for you or time doesn't let you keep up with it, let it in our hands! We can dust, sweep, vacuum, and clean your home in a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your needs. Get a free estimate today!