Working a full-time job and keeping a clean house may not always go hand in hand as well as you'd like. However, with a positive attitude and a few tips, you can find the perfect balance between your work and cleaning duties without overstraining yourself!

Tip #1. Simplify your cleaning routine

Think you need a whole day for cleaning? Think again! Use those short breaks during your day to tackle small tasks.

For example, wipe down kitchen counters after dinner or dust your window sills while waiting for your coffee to brew. You can also tackle specific chores on different days, depending on your schedule—mopping the kitchen on Monday, wiping surfaces on Thursday, etc. 

Tip #2. Organize your cleaning supplies

Save time by keeping your cleaning tools in one easy-to-access spot, like a closet. Place specific items where they're needed the most, such as storing toilet cleaner under the bathroom sink.

Having everything in its place reduces time spent searching for supplies and helps you clean more efficiently. Also, make sure to stock up before you run out to avoid last-minute shopping trips.

Tip #3. Save the big chores for weekends

Avoid exhausting yourself during the week by saving the big cleaning tasks for the weekend. 

Plan out what needs to be done and organize the tasks by priority and difficulty. This way, you can focus on smaller, manageable tasks during the week and leave the more demanding chores for when you have more time on weekends.

Tip #4. Use technology to your advantage

It's easy to forget cleaning tasks when you're busy, so let technology help you out. For example, you can use your phone to download cleaning apps that come with schedules, checklists, and reminders that you can customize to fit your needs.

If you're up to invest some money to make your cleaning routine easier, consider getting gadgets like a robot vacuum to handle the dust while you're out of the house.

Tip #5. Invite people over to clean

Cleaning with family or roommates can significantly reduce the workload. Sit down with everybody in the house to create a shared cleaning schedule where everyone can contribute. Taking everyone's opinion into account will make them have a better disposition to do their part.

Pro-tip: If you live alone, invite friends over for a cleaning party—you can get the job done faster and enjoy each other's company afterward.

Tip #6. Don't neglect self-care

While a clean home is nice, it shouldn't come at the cost of your well-being. Striving for a perfectly clean house every day isn't realistic or self-sustainable. Allowing for some mess now and then will help you keep your stress levels lower.

Besides, there's no point in tiring yourself trying to keep your space clean at all times if you won't have energy left to enjoy what little free time you'll get. Balance is key, so keep your home clean, but also make time to relax and recharge.

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