A dusty bedroom can defeat the purpose of being a place to unwind and relax, as a dirty space can generate stress or become a breeding ground for allergies. The good news is that you can prevent dust in your bedroom with these six easy-to-follow tips. Let's dive in!

Tip #1. Upgrade your bedding

When speaking of dust in your bedroom, your choice of fabrics can make or break the dust game. If you want to keep dust away from your bed as much as possible, opt for hypoallergenic pillow covers and mattress protectors for repelling dust mites and allergens.

You can add an extra layer of prevention if you go for those tightly woven cotton or microfiber sheets and pillowcases—they don't trap dust like some of those natural fibers do! With the right bedding, dust won't settle as much as before.

Tip #2. Launder bedding and curtains often

Sheets, pillowcases, and comforters tend to accumulate dust mites and skin flakes over time. So, make it a habit to wash your bedding and curtains with hot water (over 130° F) every one or two weeks, depending on how dusty your bedroom gets.

Oh, and don't forget about your curtains! If you can't machine wash them, you can get them dry-cleaned regularly as a way to deter dust. Keeping your fabric surfaces clean goes a long way in keeping dust at bay and making your indoor air quality healthier.

Tip #3: Clean the outside for dustless indoors

Believe it or not, what's happening outside your bedroom can impact its cleanliness. Take a moment to safeguard your outdoor spaces, like balconies and entrances, from dust and dirt's clutches—don't give them a chance to get near your bedroom!

The same goes for window sills and door thresholds. A quick sweep every now and then will do wonders in keeping dust from infiltrating your sanctuary.

Tip #4. Seal the entry points for dust

Outdoor air brings along dust particles that can settle indoors, so keep those windows and doors locked up tight as much as you can! If you want to go the extra mile, use weatherstripping to seal up any gaps around doors and windows that dust could sneak through.

Granted, you may sometimes need to open your windows so fresh air runs through your room—especially on hot days. To survive the heat and keep away dust, pop in some window screens to help filter out unwanted particles.

Tip #5. Dust and vacuum frequently

Dusting and vacuuming will always be the MVPs of a dust-free zone. Ensure to use a microfiber cloth or an electrostatic duster to capture those particles instead of spreading them around. Also, keep an eye on spots like baseboards, ceiling corners, and light fixtures!

Vacuum at least once a week, paying special attention to areas near windows and doors. It's crucial you don't forget to empty the vacuum dustbin or swap out the bag regularly. Doing so prevents dust from making a comeback in the air.

Tip #6. Declutter for dust-free bliss

The less clutter is in your room, the less chance dust has to hide and settle. Cut down on the clutter and keep your decor simple to minimize dust buildup. It is not about leaving your shelves bare but about only keeping what you use regularly.

Avoid just tossing things into the closet, as you'll only transfer the clutter to another place. It is best if you keep your stuff neatly organized in cabinets and drawers!

Keep the dust away in other areas of your home, too!

If you love the dust-free vibes in your bedroom, imagine how good your whole house will look, too! Shine Bright Cleaning Services has tons of tips and tricks to keep your entire in tip-top shape. Discover more in our blog!