Whether you enjoy cleaning or not, you'll likely have to do it someday. However, motivating yourself to clean your home is easier said than done. 

For example, you may have other responsibilities to take care of, so it's normal to arrive home low on energy and ready to neglect the chores. 

If you don't feel like cleaning, these simple tricks can help you. Here are six tips to get you motivated to clean your home.

Tip #1: Plan a gathering in your house

This trick is so simple it will only work with a few homeowners, but it'll be like magic. You only need to plan a party or a quiet dinner in your home. Then, the urge to tackle the chores before that date should come naturally.

Having a time limit for cleaning might seem like running yourself into a corner. However, nobody likes other people seeing their messy homes, and you'll have a clear time frame to plan this through. Having a clear deadline will help you land your expectations to a reasonable level. 

Tip #2: Separate cleaning into smaller chores

It's way better to see slow and steady progress rather than trying to do everything at once. Besides, leaving a task unfinished can make you feel like you're not accomplishing anything.

Tackle individual tasks at a time instead of aiming for a "clean home." If you don't know where to begin, focus on cleaning small areas instead of full rooms. 

Tip #3: Time your efforts

A long cleaning session usually feels longer than it is, and you'll risk abandoning the task or getting distracted with every passing minute.

Instead, keep you on the move by going in bursts of 15 minutes, and see how much terrain you can cover before time's up. Did you see progress? Nice! Did you finish the task? Even better, now tackle the next chore.

Tip #4: Treat yourself from time to time

If taking a break while enjoying a treat sounds great, this trick will work like a charm. After crossing a good chunk of chores from your checklist, reward yourself for keeping your motivation up. 

You could get a snack or a drink and think about all you have achieved. Just don't get too comfortable; there's still work to be done. Get back to cleaning after recharging your batteries.

Tip #5: Arrange a music playlist

If thinking about your chores doesn't motivate you, how about cleaning to a beat? Grab a portable speaker or your headphones because it's time to clean.

A playlist with upbeat music will make cleaning a more enjoyable experience. The reason is simple: your favorite songs can lift your spirits (especially if they have upbeat music) and won't take your attention from the chores. 

Note: Music isn't the only entertainment you can add to your cleaning sessions; if you have an unfinished audiobook or a new podcast episode pending, this is a perfect time to hit play!

Tip #6: Let the professionals clean for you

There's nothing wrong with not liking housework. Besides, if you are too busy or you don't have a knack for cleaning, keeping your home spotless will be a challenge despite how motivated you are.  

Why not hire a cleaning service instead? A regular cleaning service isn't a luxury but something many homeowners need to keep up with their chores. If you don't feel like cleaning, maybe getting your home cleaned professionally is the new approach you need.

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